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October 2015 22/10/2015

Please already mark your calendars for the 2015 Zinck's Night on the third Thursday in October -- just as every year! Klaus Conrad (M.S.'60) and Deloyce Conrad (B.S.'59) of the Munich Chapter usually reserve a table in some of the areas at the Ratskeller right at Marienplatz in the center of Munich for anytime after 6;30pm. Marienplatz can easily be reached by S- or U-Bahn public transportation.

Deloyce and Klaus are usually inviting all intested Cornellians to join fellow alumni, spouses and friends around the world for the annual celebration of the

International Spirit of Zinck’s Night

In addition to this posting Deloyce may also try to reach all Cornellians and Friends in the greater Munich area by e-mail. Please do help her out if you can to have a complete and accurate (e-)mailing list of Cornell alumni in the greater Munich area.

If you require additional information and/or to “R.S.V.P.” or if you may have special suggestions, please contact the Conrads under (08152) 79674 or mail to Deloyce.

July 2015 ???

Klaus and Deloyce Conrad may again announce plans, as during the last many years, for the "Summer Quarterly" of the Munich Chapter.

This annual Cornell beer garden “get-together” in Munich may again take place in the Hirschgarten, (www.hirschgarten.de) any time after 6:30 p.m. Directions and parking are also given in the English version on the Hirschgarten website.  It gives the S-Bahn directions as well – it is important that the correct stop is “Laim” and not the “Hirschgarten” stop! In case of bad weather Deloyce and Klaus may reserve a table either under an awning, or indoors.  The reservation is always done under the name “Cornell-Conrad.”

If you plan to again take part in this get together and need additional information please contact the Conrads via mail to Deloyce.
June 2015 05/06/2015-
The 24th annual Cornell Weekend of the Cornell Club of Germany is under prepartion and all interested Cornellians are invited and asked to participate. 

This year's annual Cornell weekend will resume in the east of Germany, in the city of Leipzig, in the German state of Saxonia. Preparations  have started for the the program, the agenda for the annual meeting, the registration form and of course the official invitation will be published. You may also register with the new CornellConnect event registration.

The Leipzig meeting will convene at some good Leipzig hotel. Please watch for news and eMail

Favourable rates will be be negotiated: Single Occupancy: € xxx Double: € xxx

When you will be making your booking, as soon as it will be possible, please indicate that such booking be made under the "Cornell Weekend 2015" arrangement.

The application form with the fees for the annual get together you will find here.




The Program for the entire weekend you may you will be able to download here.

If you have specific questions with regards to the annual meeting or to the agenda or if you want to make specific suggestions, please contact Wolfgang Fritzemeyer .

April 2015 23/04/2015 Memorial ceremony for our beloved member and treasurer Evelyn Meierholzner, who passed away suddenly on December 27, 2014, while vacationing in Cuba.

Time: 09:45 am; Location: Waldfriedhof, Alter Teil, München, Fürstenrieder Str.
See also: Sueddeutsche Zeitung 04/04/2015.

Volkmar Hellmich is planning get together of the Frankfurt Cornell Alumni and all other Cornellians associated with the Rhein-Main Chapter

Everyone is asked to please mark your calendar for the the upcoming event on Friday 17 April 2015: we are very pleased that Cornell Alum Vidhya Rangaraju will share with us current research on the memory and neuroscience. We will visit the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt (Riedberg) and go for dinner afterwards. 

Time: 17.00h CET

Title: 'Memory and the Brain - what have the neuroscientists been upto?'

Description of the visit: A brief presentation on the past, present and future of neuroscience research on memory; Visit to the science exhibit in the institute in honor of its ‘100th anniversary’; A brief tour of the research laboratories; Dinner/Drinks at a nearby restaurant. 

Institute address: 
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Max-von-Laue-Str. 4
60438 Frankfurt (Riedberg)

Directions by U-Bahn: Take the U8 towards Riedberg and get off at the Uni Campus Riedberg stop.

Park Avenue
Riedbergplatz 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main
(less than 5 minute walk from the institute)
January 2015 25/01/2015 The first 2015 "Quarterly" get together of the Munich Chapter is again organized by Klaus and Deloyce Conrad . This time there will be a meeting at the "Münchner Stadtmuseum" for visiting an exhibit "Rumford - Rezepte für ein besseres Bayern"  In order to have enough time for tickets everyone who wants to participate is asked to meet punctually at 11:00 a.m at the entrance hall.

The Stadtmuseum, St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München can be reached by public transportation (S/U-Bahn Station Marienplatz or U-Bahn Station Sendlinger Tor)

Due to the extent of the exhibit (in fact, due to the extraordinary extent of the life and works of Benjamin Thompson, aka Count Rumford), Klaus and Deloyce have decided to employ the VHS dozent for the "standard" 90-minute tour (in German).  This entails an additional cost of € 5,- per Person.

All interested Cornellians are invited to join that Sunday morning that . If you require addtional information, please contact the Conrads under (08152) 79674 or email your inquiry to Deloyce.